National Title

In today’s real estate market, it’s important to have a title company with the knowhow to successfully handle your title needs anywhere. At LandStar, we are up-to-date with the differences in title insurance from state to state, and how it is handled, nationwide. We are staffed with in-house counsel who specialize in national commercial transactions, enabling us to offer our clients superior service and a competitive edge.
Our national transaction department will initiate and personally manage each transaction… so what could be a complicated process becomes a seamless, successful experience.
Title Insurance
· Mortgage Policies
· Owners Policies
· Leasehold Mortgage Policies
· Leasehold Owner’s Policies

Ownership Verification
· Verifies Record Owner
· Tax Designation
· Grantor
· Deed Date and Liber Page
Last Owner Search
· Ownership Verification
· All Open Mortgages
Property Reports
· Ownership verification
· Open Mortgages
· Tax History
· Judgment and Liens
· Typed Description of Property
· Recording of Mortgage

Special Services
· Co-op Searches
· UCC Searches
· Document Recording
· Surrogates Court Searches
· Corporate Searches
· Foreclosure Certificates
· Property Searches and Examination
· Tax and Municipal Searches
· Owner’s Title Insurance
· Lender’s Title Insurance
· Property Reports
· Foreclosure Certificates
· Condemnation Certificates
· Cell Tower Searches
· Commercial Portfolios
· Map Filings
· New Construction
· Development Rights
· Municipal Information
· Attorney Searches
· Complete Bundled Service Package
· Zoning Lot Certifications
· Single and Separate Searches