Commercial Title
LandStar’s expertise in real property and insurance law as well as commercial real estate sets us apart from other title insurance companies. We specialize in commercial real estate transactions, representing the largest title insurers, including Fidelity, First American, Stewart, Old Republic, Westcor and Commonwealth. With a team of top industry professionals, including our in-house attorneys led by Kenneth P. Warner Esq., Chief Counsel, no commercial title transaction is beyond our scope.

From a single commercial property to shopping centers and hotels or more complex, multi-billion dollar portfolios, our team of professionals is trusted by a growing list of clients. Our team provides the highest degree of service to our commercial real estate and lending clients.

Title Insurance
· Mortgage Policies
· Owners Policies
· Leasehold Mortgage Policies
· Leasehold Owner’s Policies

Foreclosure Services
· Complete 40 Year Search
· Listing of All Parties
· Copies of All Instruments
· Tax Search
· Bankruptcy Search
· Filing of Notice of Pendancy and   Continuation

Ownership Verification
· Verifies Record Owner
· Tax Designation
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· Recording of Mortgage

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· Zoning Lot Certifications
· Condemnations Certifications
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· Co-op Searches
· UCC Searches
· Document Recording
· Surrogates Court Searches
· Corporate Searches
· Foreclosure Certificates
· Property Searches and Examination
· Tax and Municipal Searches

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