LandStar Title Agency, and its affiliated companies, are pleased to offer you 3 ways to close your transactions during this health crisis. We are prepared to close, and we are working closely with our clients and underwriters to offer you the flexibility you and your clients need during these times. All three options provide a safe environment to all parties involved in the closing and are being offered exclusively by LandStar Title Agency. LandStar is a vetted and authorized agent, issuing policies on behalf of the country's 7 largest and most-respected underwriters—Fidelity, First American, Stewart, Old Republic, Westcor, WFG and Commonwealth.
Full Escrow Closing
The Buyer and Seller deposit written instructions, documents, and funds with a neutral third party until certain conditions are fulfilled. The Buyer does not pay the Seller directly for the property. Escrow uses a third-party account that holds your funds until the deal is done. At closing, many buyers have to pay money for future taxes and insurance up front. This money sits in an escrow account during the first year of your mortgage until the mortgage company uses them to pay those obligations.
Webcam/ Mail Away/Remote Notarization Closings
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The webcam/mail away/e-Notary closing process has been approved by select underwriters.

  • LandStar’s closing desk will confirm that the mortgage lender has approved webcam notarization and has also approved the software platform which will be used to make the real time audio/video connection (e.g. Zoom, Skype, etc.)
  • LandStar’s closing desk will confirm that the parties who will be joining the audio/video screen sharing session are ready, willing and able to use the designated software platform and webcam at their respective locations. All closing participants must affirmatively consent to e-Notarization and acknowledge their willingness to be recorded.
  • When the parties have confirmed their login to the shared screen audio/video session, LandStar’s notary will take attendance and recite the following introduction:
    “(Buyer's and Seller's Names), you are here today, (date), for the purpose of closing a mortgage transaction with (Bank Name) on the premises known as (Property Address) and are doing so by remote audio/video link. Your signature will be notarized remotely. You are advised that this entire closing transaction is being recorded and have indicated to me that you consent to this transaction being recorded. Further, you affirm that at this moment, you are physically present within the State of New York at the following address: (Property Address)."

    “I will call the attendance list, and all must respond 'Yes' to the foregoing."

    “Please provide 2 forms of photo ID, one of which must be government issued. Look into the camera and place your ID in front of the camera while reciting your full name”.
  • Once the introduction and proof of ID is complete, the participants may sign the documents to be notarized in clear view of the camera.
  • An electronic image of each signed document in need of notarization must be sent to the e-Notary by email from the closing table using a scanner, fax or camera phone
  • The notary will then acknowledge all documents including the required e-Notarization Affidavit and affix his stamp.
  • Finally, the notary must affirm that all of the above procedures have been complied with.
  • The notary will confirm that a visual record of the signing has been electronically saved.
  • The closing may now be completed, and funding can take place.
  • Immediately after closing, all notarized documents and the entire closing package is sent to LandStar's Corporate Headquarters at 55 Cherry Lane, Carle Place, NY 11514 via trackable overnight mail courier. Please do not send any documents to either of our NYC locations at this time.
Shuttle Closings
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  • LandStar’s Closer will pick up or print out the Bank Documents, the Title Closer Package, Deed and Seller’s Documents.
  • LandStar’s staff, and/or the Closer, will assemble the full closing package for the Seller’s and Buyer's/Borrower's Signature.
  • LandStar’s Closer will go to the Seller’s location, drop the docs to be signed at their door and will observe social distancing.
  • ID will be displayed in a window or texted/emailed by the Seller to the Closer. The Seller will take the documents and begin to sign them.
  • LandStar’s Closer will observe the signing at the front door.
  • Once the Seller signs the documents, they will leave them for the Closer outside the door.
  • BEFORE LEAVING the premises, LandStar’s Closer will proofread all signed docs, notarize as required and affix their notary stamp.
  • LandStar’s Closer will travel to the Buyer's/Borrower's location and repeat steps 3 to 7.
  • LandStar’s Closer will E-mail the Bank Attorney, Seller’s Attorney, Borrower’s Attorney and LandStar Closing Desk confirming that the signing is complete and request approval to close and fund.
  • Once E-mail confirmation to close and fund has been received by LandStar’s Closer from the Bank Attorney, Seller’s Attorney, Borrower’s Attorney and LandStar’s Closing Desk, the closer shall reply to these E-mails and confirm to all parties that the transaction is closed, and the policy is issued.
  • If the Closer is in possession of checks at the time of closing, these checks must be dropped off at Seller’s Location AFTER the closing is complete.
  • If the Closer is not in possession of checks at the time of closing, checks will be sent to the appropriate parties via overnight mail or proceeds will be distributed by wire.
  • LandStar’s Closer shall drop off the completed closing package to a LandStar post-closing team member (at a designated location) immediately following the completion of the closing.
  • LandStar’s post-closing team member will QC the file, forward the final title policy, E-mail copies of all documents and ship the original post closed packages to the Lender and Title Company.

These closing options are being offered pursuant to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.7.

We are committed to providing you with the superior level of service to which you have grown accustomed. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed. If you have questions about closing with LandStar Title Agency, please do not hesitate to reach out to me any time.